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Counselling and psychotherapy are both processes that engage a relationship between the client and therapist, with the aim of fostering self-understanding and changes in people’s lives. Whilst there tends to be considerable overlap between counselling and psychotherapy, there are some aspects which I find useful to highlight.

In counselling, the therapist tends to facilitate a client led exploration into issues, events or challenges which continue to cause discomfort. Often shorter term, counselling aims to help the person address specific problems, adapt to life adjustments and enhance wellbeing.

Psychotherapy typically aims to engage both conscious (what you are actually aware of) and unconscious processes, in order to address repetitive patterns and dynamics that play out and often undermine the person. Usually longer term, psychotherapy seeks to gain deeper insight into the various aspects of ourselves, a greater purpose in life, self knowledge and peace within oneself.

However, from my experience, the approach you take does not need to be decided before therapy starts. My practice is founded on providing a safe, confidential space of non-judgement, facilitating authentic communication, helping us to collaboratively work in a way true to you.



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I offer a free initial telephone consultation in order to find out your requirements and help us decide what will be of help to you.

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