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Addiction Education Services

I provide a range of addiction education training, including workshops, presentations and consultancy services, tailored for your requirements. Below are the key areas I work in, but feel free to contact me and we can discuss how I could help.

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Health Professionals

Identifying and understanding clients' addictive patterns and behaviours is often challenging. Addiction comes in many forms; it can be masked and difficult to recognise. Until the addictive cycle is acknowledged, it can undermine the effectiveness of various types of care and/or therapy. 


I deliver health professional training workshops, providing skills for them to identify and respond more effectively to their clients, irrespective of whether the client is the person suffering from the addiction, a family member or friend. 


Business People at a Lobby

Many workplaces have employees impacted by some form of addiction. For example, in Australia, 1 in 10 workers are affected by co-workers' misuse of alcohol*. Being exposed to other’s addictions can be uncomfortable, controversial and easy to ignore. Whilst companies may have policies in place related to those suffering with addiction, their colleagues can find that they are ill-equipped or unskilled in dealing with these issues, impacting on team’s productivity and wellbeing. 


I am committed to providing education and skills to a range of organisational departments (including HR, senior management and wider staff) to positively engage and support those affected by behaviours stemming from all types of addiction. 


Supporting Family and Friends

If somebody you know is experiencing addiction or the difficulties relating to their addiction, it can take a toll on you. Even when supporting others, it is vital to take care of your own wellbeing.


I offer individual and group counselling to help support family and friends of those who are close to somebody experiencing addiction.

Go Team


I provide consultancy to help deliver addiction education services, whether this be for schools, businesses, or for existing training providers who would like to expand their wellbeing programs. 


I offer pre-prepared, tailor-made or co-created programs, as well as specific advice and recommendations, depending on your particular requirements.  

* (alcohol - Dale and Livington, 2010)

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